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Genevieve, "Gen" Jones is a full time, professional non-union Voice Over Artist.  She has her very own studio full of amazing equipment where you'll find her recording every day.  She has delivered messages and told stories for businesses of all sizes:  from mom-&-pop shops and independent gaming companies - to the likes of Bayer, United Way, IBM, and AirBnB.  Her conversational "tomboy" style is especially well-suited to brands and themes relating to fitness/health, science/tech, and pets.  Her fearless approach towards character exploration has also made her a favourite among several gaming and animation companies.  Off the mic she is straightforward, prompt, enthusiastic and reliable:  always providing quick turnarounds and flexible scheduling to keep up with your tight deadlines! 


  • Simply click on the 'Contact Genevieve' button at the bottom of this page. Hate contact forms?  Email her directly instead.  Be sure to include as many details as you can, including:  where the project will be used, word count, deadline, and your budget.  If you're wondering how much a voiceover typically costs, you can get a rough estimate for all the different formats here.

  • Genevieve will send you a free estimate, as well as a brief audtion spec of your script so you'll get an idea of what it would sound like when finished.  

  • Once the exact delivery style has been nailed down it's time to record!  Clients are welcome to listen in and offer direction via Source Connect, phone patch or Skype.  There's also ISDN studios nearby.  No supervision needed?  Gen can record on her own time in the file format of your choice and send the fully-finished edited file(s) back to you - often within a day or less.  

  • After both you and your client have approved the file(s), payment can easily be arranged via paypal or cheque.  Do you prefer to work with talent agents?  Genevieve currently has representation in Los Angeles, Chicago, as well as Canada and would be happy to refer you!

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